20-Year Old Model Arranges All The Details Of Her Funeral

Making funeral plans at the time death can be very difficult because emotions are high and the family is dealing with the loss of a loved one. Even with the assistance of funeral directors in Sydney, making difficult decisions can be overwhelming particularly if the deceased has not expressed his wishes on the kind of funeral arrangements he desires.

Lovely Racine Pregunta was a 20-year old model from Davao City, Philippines. She passed away last April 17, 2017 after a hard battle with osteosarcoma, a common type of bone cancer that ravages the body. Before her death, Racine told her sister Rolyn that she wanted to die beautiful. She wanted to be remembered as Racine and she planned her funeral up to last smallest details.

In her open casket, Racine looked like a model that is beautifully adorned with a band made from white flowers. She chose her favourite colours, violet, blue and mint green. The family made arrangements so that her requests will be followed on the colour of flowers that will be used for her funeral. All her last wishes were granted by the family who stood by Racine during her illness.

Since Racine was a model, she worked with many people from the fashion trade. Racine requested for her very own personal makeup artist to do her face. It was immaculately done to put a small smile to her face.

Racine looked at peace in her white satin off-shoulder dress. One of her last requests is to be buried beside her father. Friends and family gathered during the wake for the last emotional goodbye to Racine who will sleep beautifully forever.

Rolyn posted on her sister’s Facebook account how the funeral was planned by her sister. The post immediately went viral because people were emotionally touched by the story.

Many years of experience in the funeral industry have given funeral directors in Sydney understanding and empathy with grieving families. Funeral directors will explain all the options available to honour the deceased. An appropriate environment will be created so that mourners can say their last farewell to the deceased. All the necessary arrangements will be made for the funeral with the right solemnity for the event.

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