4 Factors To Consider While Buying Aftermarket Brakes

The braking systems of cars are designed to suit average driving conditions. They are made using petrochemical resins, reprocessed iron and hygroscopic fluids. These systems are designed to suit the budget. High-end cars come fitted with exotic braking systems that are manufactured using premium materials. High performance braking systems perform well under stress and high speeds.

Braking systems can also be installed as aftermarket accessories. Many reputed auto parts dealers sell high performance braking systems such as EBC brakes, in different models and budgets. Most car owners are unaware of the factors to consider while choosing a braking system and always go by the words of the technician or the dealer.

Here are guidelines to choose high performance braking systems

  • Light-weight

While choosing a high performance braking system, it is important to consider the weight of the system. Advanced braking systems are made of light-weight materials such as Aluminium clippers. Using these brakes contributes to fuel economy, better handling, and good steering feel.

  • Quality Rotors

Normally brake rotors are manufactured using cast iron. But high performance braking systems feature rotors made of carbon-ceramic materials. This composite blend of Carbon-ceramic materials results in braking systems that are light weight, have prolonged life, and which can resist thermal overheat and thermal fatigue. However, these Carbon-ceramic rotors tend to be highly expensive.

Slotted and cross-drilled rotors tend to bridge the gap between normal rotors and highly expensive Carbon-Ceramic rotors. These rotors have dimples (series of holes) or slots. These slots provide a host of benefits such as giving an escape route for the gases and heat produced during braking, refreshing the pad surface and providing right clamping force between the brake pads and the rotors.

  • Environment friendly

Choose braking systems that are committed to the environment. For example, EBC brakes do not use any materials that can potentially harm the environment. They manufacture high performance brakes that are durable and perform well, using environment-friendly materials.

  • Variety

Such high performance brakes that are available in models to suit your vehicle. The braking system should fit your vehicles system like a glove and provide optimum performance.

While buying aftermarket braking systems, choose high quality and durable braking systems from reputed companies like EBC brakes. These braking rotors, pads and kits are manufactured using environment friendly and durable materials and provide good braking performance to the vehicle.

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