7 Reasons To Have Dental Implants In Limerick

If you need dental implants in Limerick, you should then start looking for a reputable clinic to provide your needed services. There are clinics who have qualified orthodontists and dental professionals who deliver services in high quality and accurate fashion. If you are having second thoughts about getting an implant, take a look at its advantages.

  • Implants are worn all the time as they are fixed and attached to your jawbone. Thus, you won’t have to remove it at night unlike dentures. This adds to making your teeth feel more natural for you.
  • Better facial appearance. One of the best things about dental implants is that they are made to look and feel natural. They are designed to be embedded into your jawbone for a permanent and natural feel. Missing teeth results to a dented cheek. However, if your teeth are complete the physiological functions and appearance of your face is restored.
  • Comfort in eating. When you have a complete set of teeth, you can enjoy your food better. And because they are fixed into your jawbone, you won’t have to worry about them slipping or sliding out of your mouth.
  • Better pronunciation. Another advantage of wearing dental implants in Limerick is it enables you to pronounce your words properly. With missing teeth, the air passes freely in and out of your mouth affecting the way you enunciate your words. The downside of wearing dentures is they can slip, especially if they are ill-fitted and cause accident or embarrassment to the wearer. Ill-fitted dentures can also cause slurring or mumbling of words.
  • Aids in digestion. Since you can chew your food well, your digestion is improved, thereby contributing to your overall health condition.
  • Boosts self-confidence. When you have teeth that look and feel natural, you are no longer conscious to smile and interact with other people. Having a complete set of teeth also restores self-confidence and the way you feel about yourself.
  • One certainty about dental implants in Limerick is that they last longer compared to false teeth. Implants are firmly bolted into the jaw bone. As a result, the dental implant becomes a permanent part of your teeth, making them resilient to chipping and accidental slipping.
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