A Brief Insight On The Different Kinds Of Wood Used For Flooring

Many people want hardwood timber flooring in Sydney for their homes because it’s timeless beauty, character and longevity. However, hardwood is expensive and difficult to come by. There are many different kinds of wood that can be made into flooring but it is important to ensure that it has been sustainably harvested.

There is wood available in the market that has been recovered from demolished buildings, piers and warehouses. The huge beams and structural elements can be sliced up into wooden flooring. However, even if the wood is a product of recovery efforts, it can be expensive because a lot goes into the preparation as flooring.

The problem with reclaimed wood is the old buildings have more value as materials than they did as buildings. Some of the local structures that are being demolished are part of a cultural heritage. In North America, barns usually disappear from the landscape. In the Far East, teak has become so valuable that buildings are demolished for their wood. The wood is not being used in fireplaces since they go to the green buildings.

Wood can also be reclaimed from underwater logging. They are pulled from the bottom of lakes and rivers. Some of the wood has been underwater for years but the cold temperature has preserved the colour and the multi-ringed interior. These traits make them ideal for dining room tables, counter tops and wooden flooring.

Wood can be milled from trees that have been blown down by a storm. Sometimes they are dangerously old and have to be salvaged and put to good use. In cities like Toronto in Canada, the aging tree canopy is constantly falling down making them a good source of wood. Salvaged wood is different from reclaimed wood because it has not been previously used in construction. Itis typically found in its natural state.

Today there is much interest in hardwood timber flooring in Sydney because wood makes a home look more interesting. Bona-certified craftsmen that have been trained and certified by Bona will use the system they learned to install the hardwood floors. They are professionals who are updated with the industry’s best practices to ensure the best possible results.

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