Adwords Management In Perth – How To Manage The New Adwords Price Extensions

Google has announced many changes last May but many advertisers were surprised when a new extension called Price Extensions suddenly appeared on the AdWords account. How will users know about the AdWords price extensions? Price extensions will show on the ad copy of your mobile phone or tablet. Since it is in a carousel format, you can scroll left or right on your mobile device to view the prices of certain products and services. If you click on one of the AdWords price extensions, you can navigate the particular product.

The format of the new price extensions looks different from most Adword extensions. The price extensions are designed like a hybrid of structured snippets and website links. From the Adwords extension tab, you can create a price extension by following a prompt. The type of price extension can also be chosen according to brand, event, location, neighborhood, product, product category, product tier, services, service category and service tier.

At the moment, the currency that can be used to list down the prices is limited to US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pound, Euros and New Zealand Dollars. After selecting the currency, advertisers need to set structured information of the price extension. For example, a link text will appear above the price and it can be used to call out the product or service. The text that appears below the price can include a brief description of the product/service to differentiate it from other call-outs that include “Best Value” or “For a limited time only.”

At the moment, you have to bear with some limitations. Price extensions are only supported in English but this does not mean that non-English advertisers cannot use the ad extension because they can significantly improve click-through rates on mobile phones and tablets.

Like all ad extensions, price extensions require AdWords management in Perth to improve its relevancy and quality score. Quality score is an indication on how well the ad campaigns works. There is no denying that Google AdWords is one of the leading options for online advertisers but it can be time consuming; AdWords management in Perth is ready to manage the campaign for you.

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