Artificial Turf Companies Felt Increase In Demand

There is no limit as to where to install artificial grass rugs, according to Alpha Turf NW, a business based in Eugene that specializes in artificial turf installation for both homes and offices or places of business. Their latest client is the couple, Jim Olsen and Charlotte Pearce, who are having trouble maintain their backyard’s lawn to be healthy and lush.

Their home is located in Kelly Butte, Springfield with a sloping yard. During the winter months, the yard resembles a muddy sponge while during the summer months it is like concrete with cracks all over the place.

Pearce said that they have tried everything for their backyard but nothing seems to be working. She came to a home show and this is where she saw Alpha Turf NW. The couple felt the artificial turf they are offering and thought it to be a genius idea. It is very different from the plastic green carpet used for mini golf course.

Their artificial lawn is thick and the blades are very much life grasses. When stepped on, the feeling is very similar when stepping on a cushion. The company did not have to persuade them at all because they really needed the turf on their backyard with 2,300 square feet of space.

Pearce worked alongside the company’s staff when they curved the artificial grass to fit the edges of the garden. This happened in 2011 and, up to this day, Pearce did not regret her decision.

She said that she need not put fertilizer on it, they don’t have to mown and most especially the finished look is very beautiful.

Kyle Landon, the owner of Alpha Turf NW, said that on winter kids can play on the turf and it will not get damaged by tearing. It is a common complain among homeowners to have mud tracked inside their house from both people and pets and they are not happy with the fact that during the wet months their lawns are useless.

The only downside is that it is not cheap since installation for a space of 600 square feet cost $7,500 but there is no limit as to where to install artificial grass rugs as it can be outdoors, inside a room, in a mini golf course or in sports stadium.

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