Artwork Displayed In Perth Pub Stolen

It is easier for residents to secure their homes with security screens in Perth but the same cannot be said with businesses that entertain guests. The latest unfortunate incident that occurred inside a Perth pub proved that thieves are getting bolder these days. According to a local artist, his artworks were recently displayed in a live art scene inside a pub in Perth but he regretted the decision after one of his works was stolen by a brazen thief.

There are five artists in total who agreed to display their artworks in The Queens and one of them is Hans Bruechle. The exhibition is part of a series of events that are organized inside the local pubs and bars found around Perth.

Mr. Bruechle said that it was the beginning of September when the incident happened. Everything was going smoothly that night but it turned upside down when a patron of the pub is said to have stolen one of his art pieces on display.

He said in an interview that the artwork is that of a denim jacket with hand painting. There is only type of that jacket in the world. The bold thief said to have removed the denim jacket directly from the mannequin it was on display in. He added that they are doing everything they can in order to find the thief because the jacket it not a common one and it is also worth quite a lot.

He added that he was disappointed with the turn of events which can affect how local artists deal with exhibitions held in local venues. This also made them lose their trust in displaying their work in public. While art events are gaining more attention in Perth, stealing artworks can dampen the mood and might change the minds of the artists who are willing to show off their art.

He is expecting that the post he made on a social media platform will gain the attention of many and eventually one of them will be able to track where the denim jacket went. He also posted a photo of the jacket for easier recognition. It also sent an alert to homeowners to make sure they have security screens in Perth because thieves are now bolder than before despite the presence of home security systems.

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