Artworks Featured During The Monsoon Exhibit

The latest painting exhibition entitled Monsoon – 2 participated by 33 artists who showed off different custom art with themes depicting culture and nature was held at the Pokhara Art Gallery located in Mahendrapul. The event launching was led by none other than Taranath Adhikari, the District Officer of Kaski.

Taranath who gave a speech during the inauguration ceremony said that the paintings included in the exhibit do not only feature events that created a huge impact on nature and society but even the smallest details are presented through the artworks. He also added that Pokhara is supportive of artists who are willing to share their creativity in order to make the society a better place.

One of the artists who participated in the exhibit is Gopal Shrestha and he painted a group of women who are busy on the field as they are planting paddy. The monsoon sky is dominating thus it was raining in the painting and the women are drenched all over. Despite this, they continue to do their task. Gopal shared that the canvas projects a piece of land that can be found in Lamachaur, Kaski.

Monsoon is one of the seasons and for the farmers it is the time for them to reap a huge harvest despite planting only a small number of seedlings. Farmers will struggle through the rain and continue working on paddles. They are the busiest during the monsoon season.

Another artist who participated in the event is Devendra Durung and he painted a woman who is trying to get away from the mud splashing in her direction. The woman is holding a bunch of paddy saplings while wiping mud off of her. He said that he wanted to paint something that will try to show off the beautiful landscape of Nepal.

The exhibition was a way for them to relate to the audience that the monsoon season has many aspects such as cultural, natural as well as social. The paintings are able to show that Pokhara has a natural and cultural aspect during the season of monsoon. The artists are able to show off the custom art they want depending on how the depict the beauty of Pokhara as well as its local.

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