Asia’s Best Dive Spots

Asia has some of the best dive spots in the world from Khao Lak diving spot in Thailand to the ones in Indonesia. With the state of today’s environment, the World Resources Institute said that around 95 per cent of the coral reefs in Southeast Asia are on the verge of destruction because of pollution and over fishing. Here are some of the best diving spots in Asia with the challenges they are currently facing.

Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. The Mergui Archipelago is home to around 800 islands while the area is separate from the rest of the world. This spot is famous to exploratory divers because of the huge boulders, drop-offs, caverns and tunnels underwater. There are also manta rays and sharks swimming in its waters as well as the beautiful red lion fish considered by many to be a pest. The population of fishes in the area has been affected because of blast fishing, trawling and long line.

Andaman Islands in India. One of the most colorful fishes found in the Andaman Islands is the rib boned sweet lips. These are known to camouflage in the corals in order to feed. There are big game fishes in the water like sailfish and black marlin and in order to protect these fishes, the Indian government has prohibited the commercial fishing in almost 572 islands under the Andaman Islands.

Pulau Sipadan in Malaysia. This oceanic island is the only one found in Malaysia. Up until 2002, Indonesia and Malaysia has been fighting over the ownership of this island. According to divers, this is one of the best diving spots in the planet. The past few years, the Malaysian government has to focus on stopping illegal stealing of corals most especially in the coastline of the nation.

Similan Islands in Thailand. Thailand is popular to divers all over the globe because of its long list of diving spots including Khao Lak diving site but the number choice in the country is Similan Islands because its rich marine life – turtles, manta rays, fish species and whale sharks. The only downside is that the place is off limits during the monsoon season which starts in the middle of May until middle of October.

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