Aston Martin Coming To Miami As Real Estate Developer

Aston Martin is known all over the world as a luxury carmaker and it has recently made an announcement regarding its new venture in the real estate industry. The company’s first project will involve a residential tower to be constructed in Miami. The tower is said to have 66 stories in total.

The residential tower will be called Aston Martin Residences and it will have the view of the Biscayne Bay. The project was planned by the British company along with its partner in real estate, G and G Business Development. Its new partner is a company owned by the prominent Coto family residing in Argentina. The real estate firm was the one who bought the project site with a total of 1.25 acre of land. The construction site is at Miami River, 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way. The cost of the site was a record breaking amount of $125 million and was purchased two years ago.

The project is set to have around 390 condominium units that are all high-end. The building will have the signature interior design from Aston Martin and will have two private lobbies along with custom reception desks. Two stories will be dedicated for the fitness center and full service spa will be available for residents. There are many other amenities included on the plan such as an infinity pool to be built pn the 55th floor, micro-cinema, art gallery and kid’s room. One of the perks is a yacht marina which is exclusive for residents.

According to the developer of the project, German Coto, they have dedicated over a year just to find the right collaborator. In the end, they chose Aston Martin because it is a popular global brand and has a reputation for luxury. The creative team of the carmaker company will play special roles when it comes to the design of the units including the kitchen, art on the walls as well as bathroom finishes. Coto added that it will be their difference from other real estate companies that are only using the brand to market their projects.

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