Australian Teachers More Depressed Than Average Citizens

According to the latest study, more than 50 per cent of teachers in Australia have anxiety disorder while almost one in every five is suffering from depressions. This is despite the efforts of the government to make their work lighter such as buy school furniture that can stimulate the students and improve the environment inside the classroom.

Based on the survey, there were 166 participants – all of whom are school teachers in Australia. Their ages range from 22 to 65 years old. Participants listed the causes of stress for them and the top three includes finances, working environment and workload.

Looking at the result of the survey, 18 per cent of the teachers showed symptoms that belong to the moderate to severe level of depression while almost 62 per cent was diagnosed to have moderate to severe level of anxiety. The percentage of school teachers with severe anxiety reached 19.75 per cent. Somatic symptoms between medium and severe level have also been exhibited by around 56 per cent of the respondents. Somatic symptoms are those that can be seen physically such as nausea, fainting, pain and dizziness.

The most alarming finding during the study was that 17 per cent of the teachers have been diagnosed with problem in alcohol abuse or addiction.

Compared to the national average which is only 10 per cent of Australians suffering depression at least once in their life, the rate for teachers is quite high. Of the general population, 13 per cent said that they have suffered from anxiety before, 5 per cent found to have substance abuse and 7 per cent are exhibiting somatic symptoms.

The figures can be quite alarming for many reasons but the topmost concern is that it is the teachers job to make sure that the emotional well-being of the children are fostered. According to the curriculum of Australia, the teacher must be able to assess the social and personal capacity of a student. With this, the government will take further measure including increase the budget to buy school furniture in order to make the workplace a more relaxing and comfortable space for the educators.

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