Auto Recycler Gives New Life To Old Tyres

It is inevitable that the tyres of your vehicle will get worn out after a few years of use. Some buy new tyres on the Gold Coast just because they want to dress up their ride with something new but what happens to the old tyres? Are those dumped somewhere? With the size and material used, it is impossible for the tyres to decompose on its own.

China used to take all the dumped tyres but they already put their foot down into being tagged as a garbage dump. This is when a recycler in Gold Coast decided to take matters into his own hand. Adrian Fuller is the owner of Adrian’s Metal Recyclers located in Molendinar. He said that they are scrapping between 1,200 and 1,500 units of vehicles monthly but now things are getting harder since China refuses to accept recyclable materials from other nations.

The new policy imposed by China, National Sword, means that they are no longer permitting imports of recyclable wastes unless the materials are completely clean. Mr. Fuller said that in order to dump a single old tyre, he has to pay $3.30 for each. His business is strictly recycling metal therefore he has no use of the tyres.

This is when he came up with a solution to shred the old tyres and then convert them into usable products such as gym matting and equipment for children’s playground. This is the first for Australia since he already get the patent secured by through Eco-Flex, a company based in Canada. Mr. Fuller said that first the tyres need to be converted into rubber crumbs with very fine texture in order to be made into sound barriers, pavers, bricks and fence panels.

Gayle Sloan said that the Waste Management Association of Australia is also in support of the project because it will turn the wastes into something useful. This will breathe new life to discarded tyres on the Gold Coast and it will help reduce the wastes on landfills as well. This is also good for the community because recycling presents job opportunities for people.

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