Bathroom Makeover Tips That Do Not Cost A Fortune

How many times have you told yourself that your bathroom badly needs a makeover? Most homeowners would like to improve their bathrooms but they are afraid of the costs involved. However, there are small improvements that can be made that can create a more enjoyable and relaxing space that will not cost a fortune.

An all-white bathroom looks boring but adding a bit of color on the walls will make a big difference. Painting the bathroom is easy and not very expensive. For normal sized bathroom, $500 will be enough to apply a solid color. Stripes can be an interesting addition and can be accomplished with a little bit of patience, a painter’s tape and a contrasting paint color.

Wallpaper is another good option but you have to hire a professional installer for the job to make sure that the improvement will add value to the bathroom. Wall paper and installation will cost a little bit more than paint because of the wall preparation to ensure better adhesion. The average cost is $750 for this project but it can go higher depending on the type of wallpaper chosen.

Updating the lighting fixtures is not very expensive; however, make sure that you buy lights that were manufactured specifically for bathrooms. Lights should be able to handle moisture. To set the mood for a spa-like ambiance, install a dimmer. Expected expense will be $300.

It would be quite expensive to change the white floors so that the least you can do is to spruce it up. You can have the bathroom floor professionally cleaned with steam and sealed in a different color. A new shower curtain can brighten the space but glass shower enclosures can immediately revamp the look of the bathroom.

A new set of bathroom furniture from stone top vanity units to stone basin bowl sets and oak storage units can easily create a classy bathroom. Their website offers various bathroom furniture options to give the space a new look. Find out more from the website when adding the finishing touches to your bathroom makeover. If you want further information regarding the products, feel free call and speak to a friendly team.

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