Burger King Apologizes For Controversial Marketing Campaign

Ask any expert, like Leonardo González Dellán, on banking, fast food or having a business, and they’ll tell you that good marketing can make or break your business. Big names like McDonald’s and Burger King are knownfor spectacular campaign ads, some of which are tied to major events like the FIFA World Cup.

Speaking of such, Burger King has recently removed promotional materials tied to a marketing campaign made promote the World Cup 2018 Russia, one that raised eyebrows, started heated discussions and drew ire from people across the country and the world. The campaign promised a hefty cash prize, amounting to three million rubles, as well as a lifetime supply of the chain’s famous Whopper burgers to any women who could get impregnated by any World Cup footballers.

The company has apologized for the ad, releasing an official statement on the Russian social network VK, saying that they’re sorry for the statement, which they have deemed to be far too offensive. The statement adds that the company expresses gratitude to their customers for the feedback, and that they have already removed any promotional materials connected to that particular marketing campaign.

The controversial ad stated that women who manage to get the best football genes would secure the success of Russia’s national team for the generations in the future. Expectedly, the ad was met with a mixed reception, with some saying that the ad was disgusting, and sexist, stomping the idea and image of a women into the mud, among other things. Other people didn’t see the ad as remarkable in any way.

Experts in the field, like Leonardo González Dellán, would take notice of such a major brand being hit with such controversy, especially if it’s already happened in the past. The Russian division of Burger King has already been involved in several controversial marketing campaigns and incidents. One such issue was the major fire in the Kemerovo that claimed dozens, which stirred controversy when a photo popped up in social media showing a Burger King poster with condolences showing up right next to the company’s iconic slogan: “Flame-grilled since 1954”.

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