Buying Guide When Purchasing Swimsuit Online

Fashion swimwear is basically worn either on the beach or on the pool in order for the wearer to look good. Athletic swimwear, on the other hand, is specially created for wearers who are under training or joining in competitions. Its fabric is more resistant to the negative effects that chlorine does to the material as well as the UV rays. These are also designed to have less drag and make sure that the user will have full freedom when moving while wearing them to make sure each stroke is down with optimum efficiency. There are two major categories when it comes to athletic swimwear, swim skins and swimwear.

Swim skins

Swim skins is more like an overall, tight fitting swimsuits suitable for both men and women. This type basically covers more skin in comparison to the usual modern day swimsuits. These are mostly seen used by warm-water tri-athletes and hose competing for Iron Man challenge because it provides less drag and more comfort especially in events where they are not allowed to wear a wetsuit.

The materials of swim skins are made out of synthetic textile while wetsuits use neoprene. Most swim skins have the hydrophonic properties meaning it repels water to create less drag. It comes with a compression effect that is responsible in aiding the re support as well as flow of oxygen to the muscles. The only problem is that there are rules when it comes to choosing swim skin, be sure that yours adhere to the regulations so that you can enter the event legally.


Athletic swimwear that are used by both sexes are created to have a tight fitting to decrease the drag while in the water and to be non-restrictive to give the wearer freedom when moving especially the area around the hips and the shoulders. This is the very reason why swimmers who are competing are not donning board shorts. Athletic swimwear does not use cotton and polyester materials but rather synthetic fibers that are known to resist sunscreen, UV rays and chlorine.

Keep in mind these differences when shopping for a sport swimwear in Australia in order to choose the right one.


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