Canadians Looking For Home Fitness Gear In Preparation For Winter

Canadian fitness and sports gear manufacturers have seen a recent upsurge in demand from Canadians working on choosing a home rowing machine and other things to help them stay healthy and fit, and have fun during the pandemic winter.

Gillian Montgomery, co-owner of Canadian sporting goods chain, Skiis and Bikes, says that people are already flocking to her store, and other similar stores, as they’ve learned their lessons with kiddie pools and fitness gear in spring.

Sports gear stores across Canada are seeing long waiting lists, with people regularly calling in to avail of skiing gear and other similar equipment. This is notable, as stores like this usually get calls for such products closer to Christmas, but the COVID-19 pandemic has upped demand, and savvy Canadians are making moves early to ensure they don’t get left empty-handed.

Early in the COVID-10 pandemic, health-conscious Canadians made home fitness setups, joined classes in parks, and/or subscribed to YouTube exercise instructors. However, a lot of sports and fitness goods retailers were unable to keep up with the sudden surge of demand, with Canadian Tire even going on record in a CBC News interview, admitting that customer demand shot up so high, it simply overwhelmed them, due to not matching historical demand or the surplus for the season.

Canadian fitness chains, like GoodLife Fitness and F45 Training, are operating in limited capacity across the country, but a lot of Canadians simply aren’t willing to take the risk, especially considering that people breathe heavily and sweat a lot in gyms. As a result, not only are stores seeing a lot of people choosing a home rowing machine and other sporting goods, but the used goods market is also seeing an upsurge.

Online marketplace Kijiji released some of their data, noting how dumbbells, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and the like are the most searched for products on their platform. On top of that, the platform also reported that second-hand Peloton Bikes saw demand more than double, the highest jump recorded.

eBay Canada corroborated Kijiji’s notes, noting a significant increase in both new and used goods. The company’s Head of Canadian Operations, Rob Bigler, reported that they saw a 280% increase in treadmill sales for 2019-2020, among other notable upsurges.


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