Canberra Plasterer Lost Business After Phone Line Was Cut

Every business owner knows including plasterer in Sydney how important it is to have a line of communication between the customers and the business. This is a painful truth that was proven when Bob Warner, a plasterer based in Canberra, lost his business after almost five decades. Despite his age, 83 years old, he is still skilful and has the right attitude to offer the customers. He was forced to retire and he blames Telstra and NBN for his current situation.

According to him, it was the telecommunication company’s fault after they decided to cut away his phone line. It happened at the same time as the National Broadband Network was being installed. He shared how his phone line was removed from the system and his previous and existing clients could no longer contact him.

It was the year 1979 when Bob decided to launch a plastic factory called Queanbeyan. The main reason for the flourishing of his business is the presence of the landline, a traditional method but an effective one.

Due to the introduction of new technology, he was forced to accept the fact that his old line of communication is no longer available. This was the only medium he knew how to connect with his loyal clients.

Bob shared that after his phone line was cut off, many of his clients thought he already entered retirement. There are those who still look for his services but must travel to get to him. He revealed that Telstra along with NBN has already come back to his factory around 10 times but they are yet to solve the problem with the phone line.

According to his son-in-law, they are not asking for any money but the only wish of the 83-year-old is to bring back their phone line. After a year and a half of complaints, Telstra decided to give Bob his own mobile but he found it very impractical. He can’t use it when his hands got plaster all over and he needs to answer the call.

Bob is not the only case with this issue because the Telecommunications Ombudsman admitted that they have gotten over 660 complaints already. Many businesses and plasterer in Sydney can sympathize with Bob’s problem and they are hoping it can be resolved sooner than later.

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