Clarins Launches Vegan Skin Care Product Line

The world is embracing natural skin care products, and luxury French skin care brand Clarins has taken notice, launching their latest skin care product range for multiple skin types; oily, ‘problem’, and normal.

The new range, dubbed My Clarins, is aimed at customers aged 18 to 25 year olds. The range is comprised is nine skin care products, used for taking care of the face; cleansing cream, cleansing milk, a hydrating mist, as well as a ‘mattifying’ stick that’s designed to act as a primer. Get the Gloss reviewed the product range, also revealing that their vegan and are primarily comprised of materials of ‘natural origin’ (88%).

On top of that, the products are also minimally packaged with eco-friendly, recycled materials. The product range is cruelty free, following the embracing of natural skin care products and fight back against animal testing, but that means that it won’t be available in certain market where animal testing is mandated by law, like China.

The company hasn’t revealed why they designed and launched this product range, but it can be surmised that the rising demand for natural cosmetics, including natural skin care products on top of makeup. According to data from the Grand View Research, the global market is expected to hit $20.8 billion by 2025.

There have been a lot of research on market trends, with data from Mintel’s Global New Products Database saying that there was a 175% increase in cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic products, between 2013 and 2018.

According to Mintel, the primary source of demand are the Millennials and Generation Z customers, who have become aware of the problems that come with using animals for testing ingredients and product safety. The research firm noted that there’s still a lot of room in the market to take advantage of the growing market.

My Clarins is one of the newest brands in the ‘clean’ skin care market. The product range is currently available in the UK and France, with ASOS, and Sephora responsible for retail, respectively. A US launch has yet to be announced by the company, but the official website does note that it will be ‘Coming Soon’.

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