Cloud Technology The Answer To Cyber Attacks In Healthcare

Last year, over 230,000 computers from 150 different countries were infected by Wanna Cry which is a ransomware attack that hit internationally. The United Kingdom saw many articles about the attack and the public are mainly worried about the consequences but the NHS remained silent all throughout the ordeal. Tech companies and cloud-based providers such as saw the attack as a reminder that security is still lacking in many technological innovations.

Right after the attack, no damage report came from NHS though one-third of the hospital trusts established in England have been disrupted. According to data from NHS England, 80 trusts were impacted by the attack out of the total 236 trusts. There were 34 devices that were infected and access is no longer possible while 46 computers showed disruption despite not being affected by the ransomware.

Other healthcare providers were affected such as 603 from the primary care and 595 GP practices’ devices were infected. Almost a year after the attack, William Smart who is the chief information officer of NHS said that a cyber security researcher was the person responsible for killing the ransomware. Thanks to the intervention, the damages were contained.

Now a lingering question is being asked by the general public concerning security and how the same thing could be avoided to make sure that sensitive information are kept confidential. One of the most suitable solution by experts is the use of cloud computing. The problem with a ransomware is that once the data has been infected, it is no longer possible to remove the encryption. To solve this, there must be constant backup to the cloud to make sure that sensitive and important data will not be lost in the future.

Using an on-site backup can have another loophole because the storage device has to be disconnected from the computer to avoid cyber attacks but with the cloud the data are sure to be safe. This is why many cloud technology providers including are working towards developing tools that will ensure that the technology remains safe and secure to be used in the healthcare industry.

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