Colorado Wildlife Requesting Donations From Taxpayers

Officials from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife are asking taxpayers who are willing to help endangered species under the Non-game Conservation and Wildlife Restoration Cash Fund to donate through their state tax returns in Colorado for the year 2017. Those who have not processed their Colorado Tax ID application should do so in order to donate in the future.

Donation can be processed by going through Line 1 which is at the tax form 104CH of the state of Colorado. The money will help rehabilitate wildlife species as well as conserve them wherever they are in the state. A press release has already been published by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to raise awareness.

In 2017, the taxpayers of Colorado were able to make a total donation amount of over $180,000 by using their tax check off. All donations sent to the agency is by own freewill of the taxpayers.

Reid DeWalt who is the assistant director of the branch of Wildlife and Natural Resources under Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that non-game species play a very important role in the overall health of the habitat as they are not just indicators but contributors as well. CPW aims to provide the wildlife balance and sustainable living for long-term in order to benefit the future generations. In order to achieve this, they need funding and one of the most important tools in getting the amount they need is through the check off at the income tax form.

In Colorado alone there are over 750 wildlife species that are non-game. Meaning these animals are not trapped, hunter or caught through fishing.

The program called Non-game Conservation and Wildlife Restoration aids in conserving species such as boreal toads, Arkansas darters, river otters, Gunnison sage-grouse, Gunnison prairie dogs, white-tailed prairie dogs, black-tailed prairie dogs and black footed ferrets.

Those who wish to donate but does not have a Tax ID should begin their Colorado Tax ID application in order to save the part of wildlife ecosystem that needs saving. As of writing, the branch has already helped lynxes, river otters and they are devising a way to improve the status of the boreal trucks.

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