Commercial Kitchen And Bar To Design Manchester’s Largest Dining Space

The Sheridan is one of the largest event venues in Northwest UK, located in Manchester. To say that handling its design and decor; placing furnishings, installing the limestone floor tiles, and other tasks,  will be a challenge is an understatement.

There’s one design and project management company that’s willing to take the challenge, however, the Manchester-based hospitality design, supply and project management company, Commercial Kitchen and Bar, who also handled the extensive contemporary refurbishment work needed for the venue’s first floor. They’ll be in charge of transforming the 30,000ft2 area into a mixed-use, 750-cover space, to comprise of a bakery, shisha terrace, retail store, cocktail bar, and showpiece a la carte restaurant. Once fully furbished, The Sheridan will feature the largest dining area in Manchester.

The area will be featuring premium materials, like natural limestone floor tiles, bespoke lighting fixtures and furnishing, as well marble and oak tabletops and surfacing, among others, with the vision for the project being to create a classic, relaxed luxury atmosphere.

According Commercial Kitchen and Bar Founder, Raju W. Haider, the goal of the project is to give the Oldham Road elevation as much natural lighting as possible, as well as to create a premium aesthetic, all while maintaining a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that’s key to casual dining.

He says that they’re taking cures from luxurious, and ornamental areas with plenty of spaces like the Bellagio and Wynn hotels in Vegas, as well as Cecconi in Mayfair. The new dining area will also be open-plan, sporting the same design touches and finishes throughout its entire aesthetic scheme.

The furbishing and design of The Sheridan’s ground floor is scheduled to take place over a six-month time period, set to be completed by November 2019.

Commercial Kitchen and Bar has a fair amount of experience in designing for clients, with local and international clients, like Wreckfish in Liverpool, Residential in Hong Kong, and the Stem Restaurant in Mayfair, among others . Currently, the company also has several other projects in line for 2019, like the Elite Bistros’ KALA, their inaugural Manchester site, and Ellis and Liam Barrie’s next project, following the Marram Grass, a restaurant in Liverpool.

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