Contemporary Arts Coming To Bangkok

Next month, an art festival is coming to Bangkok and will stay there for four months. many are already excited and booking in advance at a hotel Sukhumvit Soi 6 especially those who are art enthusiasts. The Bangkok Art Biennale will start on October 19 and it will be the first time for the country to host such a big event with contemporary arts in focus. The festival was made possible because of the contributions of both private and public sectors.

Artworks and performances from 75 individual and group participants will be featured during the festival. These are artists coming from 33 nations and the exhibits will be presented in 20 different places all over the city of Bangkok.

Thailand is now considered to be a great opportunity for many in Southeast Asia because of the growing industrial economy. The festival is expected to shed a brand new perspective to the nation but in a softer tone.

The investment for the festival has reached 120 million baht already. The contributors are the tourism authority of Thailand together with Thai Beverage Company. The public can enjoy majority of the arts included in the exhibit without charges but there are certain parts of the exhibit where admission fees are needed.

Back in 2014, an art festival as large as this one was organized but it did not push through because of the lack of financing as well as the political instability that the nation was under at that time due to the military coup.

This time around, the festival is going to happen because of sponsorships from the event’s artistic director, ApinanPoshyananda. He has been in the field for many years and he used to be the Ministry of Culture’s secretary. He was also employed at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University as art professor therefore he has already amassed a wide network of like-minded people and organizations.

Apinan said that through his invitations, he was able to invite a lot of people and groups. Many have already booked a hotel Sukhumvit Soi 6 in anticipation for the event as it has long been awaited in the country.

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