COVID-19 Leads To Brands Rethinking How To Handle Digital Marketing

2020 saw one of the biggest shifts in online shopping. With people stuck at home and online more than ever, online shopping became the primary way for brands to connect with their customers.

As a result, the pandemic resulted in a lot of digital change for businesses across the world, with brands changing how they deal with customers, with some even going so far as to completely rebuild their digital offerings.

A report from Datisan; Digital Marketing Maturity Growth Report gave insight on the matter, particularly for the Australian market.

Make it personal

In spite of the greater amount of data accessible to retail brands thanks to customers spending more time online and interacting with them, not all of the brands are making the most of this data to personalize content and offerings for customers.

Datisan Head of Business Development Mike Cornwell noted that delivering personalized experiences is built upon knowing the customers, which can be hard to do with all of the data brands have to deal with.

They note that sifting through the data to create a strategy to tailor the offerings they provide and reach customers on a personal level is important, cutting down on the impact that the loss of cookies has.


The report noted that with more and more people living their lives online, brands saw the faults in their digital marketing campaigns. Datisan’s data noted how digital marketing maturity index scores, as defined by Google, dropped down by an average of 25%.

In 2020, digital marketing campaigns with their king kong agency reviews were put to the test, and organizations were forced to reevaluate and see where they were lacking.


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