Customized Packaging For Oreo For The Holiday Season

Mondelez International is one of the world’s largest snack companies. For the very first time, the American multinational food and beverage conglomerate is testing personalized packaging for its Oreo product brand in time for the holiday season. With Oreo color-filled packaging, fans can create customized holiday-motif graphics, colors and messages including a message for the recipient.

How will consumers customize Oreo packaging? Consumers can create the Oreo wraps on desktop or mobile through They can work from the exclusive and illustrated black and white designs made by graphic artists Jeremyville and Timothy Goodman.

A design and color has to be chosen to paint with and then the site will populate the design. A digital brush can also be used to fill in each of the images. Accessories like scarves and antlers can be added to the images while a circular cookie can spell out holiday greetings like “Joy” or “Ho Ho Ho”.

The color-filled packs are expected to appeal to adults who are fans of coloring books as well as kids. However, this promotional gimmick is offered for a limited time, until supply lasts. For nationwide shipping, each pack will cost $10 plus another $5 as shipping fee.

If you are looking for a unique brand experience, you can opt for the color-your-own-pack with the black and white design of your choice and color markers. At the Colorfilled store, you can also avail of T-shirts featuring designs with fabric coloring markers.

It is very likely that the inspiration of this idea came from the phenomenally successful Share a Coke. The digital store is actually the first step for large ecommerce and customization strategy towards Mondelez International’s vision of growing its online sales revenue to $1 billion by 2020. According to Cindy Chen, the global head of ecommerce, they are experimenting on how to offer their customized products to the consumer market.

A few weeks more and people will be celebrating the holiday season. If you have not yet started wrapping the gifts you have purchased, you can opt for retail gift bags with a huge selection of type and art elements for personalized packaging.

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