Devon Plumber Advises Against Washing The Hair In The Kitchen Sink

A Devon plumber has showed grim pictures of blocked drains. He advises consumers to refrain from washing their hair in the kitchen sink. According to Mark Grieves, he had the experience of pulling a long, matted sludge of hair that has been intertwined with other waste like toothpaste from the drainage pipe of a kitchen sink.

Mark Grieves is a plumber who carries out heating, plumbing and gas work in Devon. He has warned people that if they continue to wash their hair in the kitchen sink instead of the shower, it can result into “basin oyster” that is a mass of washed away human hair.

According to Grieves, the problem starts when people used cold water instead of warm water. He told the story about a pensioner who cannot afford to heat water. Unlike hot water, cold water cannot dissolve fats and greases which can accumulate in the drain pipes and trap hair inside. This is particularly true if there is a member of the family who is suffering from hair loss; the problem will surely be aggravated.

Inside the drain pipe, burrs and hooks can be found because pipes are not usually cut properly. The imperfections of the pipes tend to trap hair. If people use thick shampoo and conditioners including toothpaste that has not been swirled properly in the mouth, a build-up will result in the pipes and it will stop hair from flowing through the drain pipe.

If cleanser is used to fix the problem, it can worsen the clog in the drain pipe. The best option is the spring contraction, a long and flexible material that can be pushed down the plughole to hook hair and pull it out. The contraption is cheap and can easily be purchased in stores.

If there is an indispensable tradesperson, it is the plumber that takes care of everything from plumbing issues, boiler installation and maintenance and installation and inspection of gas appliances. Aside from being a professional, a T.H.S. plumber is Gas Safety certified meaning all safety requirements and guidelines will be complied with. If the problem is plumbing, there is no job that is either too big or too small.

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