Diversifying The Lodging Options In Dubai

Airbnb, a home sharing platform is gradually gaining prominence as an option for visitor accommodation in Dubai. Airbnb has operated for years in a legal grey area but today, it has gained the regulatory go-ahead from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) of Dubai.

Lots of opportunities are open for homeowners who are willing to let out their properties as holiday homes and short term rentals; however, Airbnb is a threat against the unbranded, mid-market hotel and hotel apartments because their prices are more affordable.

On the positive side, Airbnb has managed to diversify lodging options in the emirates and opened up Dubai to new markets for those who can afford the higher hotel prices. Airbnb has also encouraged existing visitors in Dubai to extend the length of their visit. If Dubai wants to attract 20 million visitors by 2020, it has to expand the opportunities offered by Airbnb homes.

According to Richard Stolz, head of corporate development at GRMC Advisory Services, the growing popularity of Airbnb homes in Dubai both in demand and supply is very likely to impact on the demand for serviced apartments covering the leisure and business sectors. Airbnb is incredibly cheap and a popular way for foreign visitors to experience Dubai while staying with local hosts.

Leisure travellers who are budget conscious and price-sensitive businesses are attracted to Airbnb homes because the rates for serviced apartments and hotels usually exceed those of holiday homes particularly when there are key conferences and exhibitions in Dubai.

However, the hotel industry claims that it is offering a different product from Airbnb. A hotel apartment has quality and follows operational, service and safety standards. In the luxury segment of serviced apartments, luxury, privacy and the comforts associated with a home are offered. The reason why guests extend their stay is the level of comfort provided by serviced hotel apartments in prime locations in a city.

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