Drug Addicts Are Usually Those With White-Collar Jobs

Not everyone can afford an ecstasy drug rehab but not everyone can also admit that they are suffering from substance abuse. This further proved the fact that with drugs there is no discrimination either with regards to a person’s status, age or occupation. There is this misconception among the general public that drugs only victimize those who are young and carefree or those who are having issues facing their daily lives.

There are an increasing percentage of users who are abusing designer drugs or new psychoactive substances. These past few years have shown that some of the victims of substance abuse have excellent social standing in life while others are professionals in their chosen careers.

Designers drugs are simply narcotics developed using synthetic chemicals in order to copy the effects brought by illegal drugs. The most common types of these drugs are ecstasy, ketamine and methamphetamine.

While there are drug rehab facilities at Klang Valley, they are presented with issues brought by the new generation of addicts since their needs as well as concerns are not the same as the generation before them.

According to Wendy Yap, the chairman of Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang, said that she has been an active advocate for drug rehab facilities in the past 20 years. She added that drug centers are now faced with new problems because there number of professionals and successful individuals that are drug addicts continue to rise.

Traditional centers do not have the means to answer their needs and they do not respect the caretakers of the facilities because they think they are beneath them in terms of social standing. They have issues with sharing rooms with fellow resident and because they have been accustomed to living a comfortable life then they are not happy with the arrangement with traditional facilities.

Looking at the residents of ecstasy drug rehab centers now, there are many professionals such as doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers and company directors that are plagued with addiction. These people have the means to purchase illegal drugs. Despite their success and money, they have issues that they think only drugs can solve.

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