During A Tyre Blowout

Instinct is our friend whenever we are in an emergency situation. It is our natural reaction to preserve ourselves and our safety. When buying Gold Coast tyres it is important to purchase the authentic once because tire blowout can happen. If you feel your car is moving to the left, the first thing we do is to move the steering wheel into the left. When the driver feels that the car is out of their control, their instinct tells them to stop the car immediately. This is not recommended in case of a blowout so what should you do?

First, blowout happens when all the air content inside the tyre is suddenly released. There are many reasons why this happen but the most common reasons are damage due to a curb on the road, under inflation and obstacles that we might encounter along the way.

There are signs that can tell you when your tyre has a puncture such as the shuddering that can be felt via the steering wheel or the car may be wobbly while moving, the car is harder to steer than usual, the vehicle is either steering to the right or left or the car is swerving in a violent manner in either directions.

If the blowout happens while you are speeding on the road, remember to slow down until you are driving at a safe speed. Keep in mind that when you reduce your speed, you are increasing your chance of surviving the incident. A speed with 80 and 90 km per hour is far more manageable in case of a blowout compared to a speed of between 140 and 150 km per hour. If you are able to survive unscathed from a blowout with the latter speed then you are one of the lucky ones. The same goes with any type of emergency that you might find yourself in, staying calm and deciding the right course of action is very essential.

Once you are able to survive a blowout, remember to buy a reliable Gold Coast tyres to ensure that such blowouts never happen again as the fate of your vehicle relies on these four rubber tyres.

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