Essential Oil Believed To Treat Cancer

According to sellers of essential oils based in New Zealand who are selling imported brands, their products are used by cancer patients and they are claiming that it can help in treating cancer. Many therapeutic grade essential oils are known to cure a variety of ailments in the body.

Doterra is the specific network in New Zealand and Australia that believes to offer essential oils that can cure cancer. They are utilizing a marketing structure composed of multiple levels. This is a structure wherein the sellers have the ability to recruit interested sellers. They will get a commission whenever sellers under their levels are able to make sales.

Rose Scott residing in Motueka and Molly Wastney who is a resident of Nelson belong in New Zealand’s first group of Doterra distributors. Wastley is one of the sellers that belong on the top tier of the multi-level system and she currently has more than 1000 sellers under her level. She is also one of the speakers during a company promotion held in New Zealand. Scott, on the other hand, has 179 sellers under her level.

Both distributors said that they are not publicly claiming that their essential oils can treat cancer but they believe that their oils have healing properties after they have heard testimonial from cancer patients using their products.

According to Wastney, she has a client with breast cancer and she is employing the Aroma Touch method on her. This process requires the use of eight different oils and applied one after the other. It is done twice every week.

Wastney said that she is not saying that the oil can cure cancer but using them will make the patient’s body higher chance of healing. She said that she is speaking based on experience and testimonies from cancer patients that have witnessed things turning for the better and some have shared phenomenal stories with her.

Essential oils are currently making a name because of its healing properties since many of these oils are therapeutic grade essential oils that have proven to have a positive effect in the health and overall well-being of the user.

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