Essential Questions To Find The Best International Prep School

Children who are enrolled at an international school community are presented with great opportunities after graduating. As they learn, they experience a diverse group of people who make it easier for them to understand the life outside their comfort. With the increasing number of international schools, parents are given a lot of options to choose from. Below are essential questions to help you narrow down your list.

Is the school an effective venue for students to question things?

School is the second home for kids where they spend most of their time in. It should be a venue to develop their curiosity at an early age. Therefore, when looking for the best international prep school, choose one that encourages students to widen their knowledge. For instance, teachers should challenge the students to think deeper by asking “why”. Through this, they will be guided to a journey of imagining and discovering things instead of being spoon fed with answers.

What does the school do for students to learn outside of the classroom?

Kids acquire more knowledge when they are connected to the world instead of just staying at the classroom for hours in the entire school year. Thus, it is important to choose a school that provides outreach opportunities. This may include service projects, meaningful fieldtrips, international travel, etc. Ideally, a school should be equipped with global languages, non-academic activities, and internships. And to understand life beyond the classroom, they should learn practical life skills. For instance, woodworking, carpentry, cooking, and tree planting. Kids must also have speaking opportunities which are helpful in developing their character, confidence, and social skills.

What literary reading does the school require?

Aside from not depriving kids of the world outside, the best international prep school should also provide them with high-quality literature. This is essential to inspiring them with abundant ideas. School will never be complete without books and literature written by the great minds in history. It is also a helpful step for them to develop their imagination which may turn them into a great writer. The more they read, the more curious they become.

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