FLC Group Proposing Third Passenger Terminal

FLC Group which is based in Vietnam recently revealed that they have filed a proposal to the government of Vietnam to construct airport expansion of a third passenger terminal. This new terminal will be constructed in Tan Son Nhat International airport which is located in Ho Chi Minh City. This is good news for businesses and firms in the city including business hotel in Saigon because it means more arrivals and more guests.

According to the proposal by FLC, the terminal will be constructed along with supporting infrastructure in a parcel with a total land area of 16.4 hectares. The defense ministry is the current owner of the land parcel which is worth $474 million.

The terminal will have a total space of 100,000 square meters which can accommodate a maximum of 20 million passengers. According to FLC, the expansion will also increase Tan Son Nhat Airport’s handling capacity to between 45 and 50 million passengers every year. As of the moment, FLC is not yet ready to release further details about the project.

The proposal submitted by FLC to construct a third terminal came almost a year after Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the current prime minister of Vietnam, has given the green light to  project proposed by ADP-Ingenierie which is a consulting firm based in France in April of last year.

Based on the plan that was approved, the new terminal will be located at the southern part of the two runways in the airport while on the northern part they are planning to shut down the golf course by 2025. This will open up additional space that can be developed into a facility that will handle MRO work as well as cargos.

There are also proposals for the new terminal to be constructed in place of the golf course but this is a challenge as there is no connected with the two existing terminals of the airport. Two years ago, the total number of passengers booked in business hotel in Saigon and various accommodations in the country reached 36 million when its design capacity can only handle 25 million. FLC expects the terminal to be operational one year after the completion.

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