Frog ID App Developed To Preserve Australian Frogs

Australia is currently working on their amphibian population, with the country’s first frog count currently in progress. Australia is taking note of their frogs, due to the effects frogs have on pest control in Sydney and anywhere else in the country. To that end, the Australian Museum has recently released a new mobile phone app designed to help with the endeavour, the Frog ID app.

The FrogID app is the museum’s way of encouraging and educating Australian citizens about preserving frogs all across the country. The app utilizes technology in mobile phones as well as a so-called ‘audio DNA’ in order to tell people where frogs are at risk, as well as how people can help in keeping the amphibians afloat.

The free app was developed with the cooperation of tech titan IBM, and works by identifying  frog species based on the sounds they make, which run the gamut from croaks and chirps to barks and whistles. The Australian Museum expects approximately 1 million downloads by curious Australians who will then follow through by heading for the nearest park or wetland to listen for frog calls.

Data collected by the app, the recorded and uploaded frog calls, will then be used to detect frog species across the country, as well as for determining where frogs are at risk in the country due to either habitat loss, climate change, disease or urbanization.

Kim McKay, the Australian Museum’s director and CEO stated that the app is a rescue mission they envisioned normal Australian citizens to take part in. She says that the apps puts the power to save Australia’s frogs in the palm of Australians’ hands.

Dr. Jodi Rowley, one of the country’s leading expert on frogs, stated that FrogIDwill be helpful in preserving the country’s 240 native frog species.

Dr. Rowley states that frogs are a key point in the environment, as their role in managing pest species means that their extinction will lead to huge issues in the agricultural sector, and the pest control industry, which will affect any pest control in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia. Dr. Rowley believes that, should frogs disappear, entire ecosystems could be place in jeopardy.

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