Funeral Homes Looking For Ways To Thrive In Today’s Industry

More and more Americans are opting for cremations thus clients will no longer need to purchase a casket, burial plots are no longer needed and they are skipping the dreary rituals as well. In order for them to thrive in the business, funeral homes are implementing some changes on their business. Their main goal is to stay as relevant as possible and make sure they are not losing their profit.

According to the chief executive of Service Corp International which is the biggest funeral homes operator in the United States, Thomas Ryan, the industry was mainly built around the goal of selling caskets. Now, the goal is to remember the persons who have passed away.

This is equated to elaborate proceedings. The chief executive of Foundation Partners Group which is a company that has around 50 funeral homes and nine cemeteries all over 14 states, Brad Rex, they now refer to the burial as gathering.

Majority of the homes under the Foundation contains a room for multisensory experience, retold by Mr. Rex who is the former operator of Walt Disney Co.’s Epcot theme park located in Orlando. With the aid of audio and video tools, the experience room has the capacity to recreate the atmosphere of a golf course along with the smell of grass that is recently mown in order to celebrate the life of a golfer. It can also recreate other surrounding such as football stadium, mountain or a beach. The price of the room is already added in the funeral service fee of the company which can range between $4,000 and $8,000.

Rooms for casket viewing are also removed by most of the funeral homes because of the depressing vibe it creates. As an alternative, the customers have the option to look at merchandise and service provided on the flat screen, Mr. Rex termed is as just like shopping on Amazon.

Another cost which they charge is insurance in the event that you die away from your homeland and the body needs to be transported which will cost between $300 and $400.

You can ask for your local Funeral Homes in Perth if they offer such services and other alternatives.


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