Game Of Thrones Introduces Places To Stay When Visiting La Gomera

When making movies or even a TV series and you intended to make it a hard-hitting project that will be beneficial to your career as a director or even as a producer, one of the major things you must take into consideration is the location or the place where you are going to shoot most of the scenes in the movie or TV series that you are making. Aside from the fact that you will be able to provide a great scenery for the project that you are working on, depending on the theme of the movie or TV show that you are working on, a great choice of a location will bring out a whole new dimension for the project because a great location that suits the thee will be able to wow the audience in a greater level. In addition to this, you will also help the tourism industry in the place where you are shooting because you are providing additional income to market vendors from you are buying the food that the cast will eat, to the drivers who will bring you and the cast to awesome places around the city, among others. You are also giving that place a chance to be introduced or, reintroduced to the rest world, giving it a bigger amount of exposure especially if the project that you are working is going to be a big hit. Now, Spain has been known as a country where most of the best movies and TV shows of the past were shot. Among the places in Spain that have been reintroduced to the rest world via these said projects is La Gomera. To begin with, there are many places to stay when visiting La Gomera.

Last April of 2016, HBO hit series, Game of Thrones have been able to bring life back to a number of Spanish cities, including La Gomera, which the show had used as its location during the sixth season of the said show. In fact, the ever-gorgeous Emilia Clarke who is portraying the role of the Dragon Mother, was treated to a number of local delicacies which the actress saw fitting for a queen considering the fact that she’s a queen in the series. In addition to this, the rest of the cast managed to visit and even stay at places to stay when visiting La Gomera, thus giving a much needed to the tourism of a city that had been long forgotten by the rest of the human population.

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