Health Insurance In Thailand For Foreigners

Being healthy at all times, regardless how old we are, regardless where we are at the moment, should be our top priority. As they say, health is wealth. And whether we like it or not, getting sick can be really, really expensive especially if you’re only a minimum wage earner. The good news is, majority of the governments in the world offer health insurances to their respective local citizens. Now, let’s say you’re planning to go on a visit to the Kingdom of Thailand, or even migrating there with your family, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have an existing health insurance in your origin country because Thai health officials are planning to offer health insurance in Thailand that is specifically made for foreigners and their respective families who are visiting and/or working within the vicinity of the kingdom.

In addition to offering health insurance in Thailand for foreigners, Thai health officials are also working hard to address the needs in terms of proper health benefits of the populations in the neighbouring Asian nations such as Cambodia and Laos. Also, there is a plan for offering health insurances to migrant workers. And because of these changes, Thai officials are foreseeing a significant increase in the number of tourists arriving to the kingdom, mostly are seeking medical treatments. Thai officials are now proposing set prices that will be applicable to all foreign nationals who will visit Thailand to avail various medical treatments. Thailand, as a government, is currently working hand-in-hand with different non-government organizations (NGO’s) such as the World Health Organization (WHO) in their united purpose to improve the health infrastructures of their neighbouring nations, subsequently removing the need to cross boarders just to seek the proper medical attention needed.

This is a welcome development especially for those who are in desperate need of medical treatment but can’t receive any due to various reasons. With Thai officials already offering health insurance in Thailand not just for their citizens but also for the foreigners who are visiting the kingdom and working to help the kingdom’s economy, getting sick in Thailand has become a bit bearable. You just need to purchase the health card especially if you have kids.

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