Healthy And Active Employees Are Good For Business

Companies have started to realize the importance of healthy employees. They search for an outdoor venue and marquee tent hire in Brisbane and then plan games and activities to motivate millennial employees to support a healthy lifestyle. Employees are also encouraged to make the healthy lifestyle as a habit beyond office hours.

Harsh Shah, a 33-year old Mumbai-based assistant manager for marketing at DHL Enterprises was surprised that some of his colleagues took long walks. Shah has always been active. He played sports during his youth but he never did cardio. However, his life is about to change.

Shah was convinced by his colleagues to sign-up for an intra-company Stepathlon event. The team that takes the maximum number of steps during the month long corporate walking challenge wins. Shah found himself walking daily usually taking more than 12,000 steps in a day. He is encouraged by the fact that it was a team event and his colleagues were expecting that he will stick to the goal. Two years has passed since Shah joined the Stepathlon event and he still takes daily walks.

The health of employees has a direct effect on their productivity. Organizations cannot simply order employees to stay fit and healthy. Companies can organize outdoor activities that include yoga, Zumba, marathons or sporting events. Health is usually ignored by companies because it involves commitment. However, health is good for business.

When employees are given the opportunity to be active, a culture of fitness and well-being spreads in the workplace. Companies can install table tennis tables or a badminton court outside the building. When employees are healthy, they seldom get sick. When the rate of sick employees is high, deadlines are missed and other employees have to do overtime to get the work done. Sports and health challenges will increase energy and enhance bonding in the workplace.

If the company is planning for an outdoor event so that employees can be active, a good option will be marquee tent hire in Brisbane so that they can have a place to relax after the activities. Smaller tents can also be hired for catering and beverages.

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