Higher Number Of Homeowners Installing CCTV, Experts Say

Homeowners in the suburb admitted that there is higher concern than before thus their decision to install home security CCTV inside and outside their properties. According to a local security expert, despite the fact that people are trying to make their homes feel like a fortress, many lack the desire to take charge.

The federal government has been proposing organizations and councils all over the country to use the available current funds in order to help raise awareness regarding public safety through the installation of CCTV along with bollards or extra public lighting.

According to the crime prevention group under Tamworth Regional Council, they are already checking about hiring mobile CCTV units that will roam around the city as well as rural communities in the outer parts.

Advanced Inland Security’s service manager, Chris Dyson, said that there is an increasing number of people that are inquiring about the latest technology that will help them in monitoring their homes.

In the past six month, breaking and entering has been a record high in the country, said Mr. Dyson thus he is recommending homeowners to check into suitable home security systems.

He also said that he has been residing in the area for the last 15 years but the last two years he was able to witness an alarming increase in number of cases involving breaking and entering in residential properties.

Mr. Dyson said that a year ago, not a lot of homes have home security CCTV but now it is what everyone is eager to get their hands on.

The increase in the number of homeowners that are wishing to install CCTV in their homes is increasing but the security expert said that it is not enough since being proactive is necessary. In this case, they are only tightening security after something bad has already happened and not before.

Aside from the home security CCTV, the federal government is now discussing about the possibility of a facial recognition system for the entire country in order to easily catch culprits and criminals. The database can be built through accessing license photos of those who are registered in the state for driving license.

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