Hipages Survey Suggests That ‘Uber-Style’ Tradies Could Be The Next Big Thing

Online tradie marketplace Hipages recently conducted a survey to see what Australian households want for their tradie services, and noted that uber-style tradies are on the wishlist of homeowners.

According to their survey, half of those hiring tradespeople are hoping for uber-style tradies, whether its a plumber in Newcastle NSW or a sparky in Queensland, tracked by GPS, rated based on reviews from past customers and booked and paid for via a smartphone app.

Hipages says that such operational methods aren’t on their plans, at least for now, but they’re expecting that this will soon come to into the industry, according to Chief Customer Officer Stuart Tucker. He says that it’s only a matter of time before customers look for the kind of convenience that would offer, and their research backs that up.

Hipages got their insight on the matter via a survey of more than 500 people, as well as research on the industry, which they published in a Hipages On-Demand Tradie Economy Report. The report noted that at least 50% of customer expressed their beliefs that a more streamlined process to organising a tradie would be coming to the industry within the next five years.

This would be useful for customers, as well as the tradies themselves, as it’ll let them get jobs from customers quickly; like when a customer buys pipes and plumbing, a plumber in Newcastle NSW can be assigned to handle it before the customer even steps out of the store.

Mr. Tucker stated that, while it would only be a step away from the traditional word-of-mouth way to find a tradie, it was gaining some popularity as a time saver.

Naturally, different tradies have different opinions on the matter.

Brooks Plumbing Melbourne owner Cameron Brooks says that he’s open to an Uber-style tradie industry, expressing his belief that such a system would be good for everyone, given that it be implemented with carefully considered restrictions.

He says that giving customers the peace of mind of knowing their tradie was on the way to their order, even if they’re stuck in traffic, would be great for them. On the other end, it would also motivate tradies to do the right thing.

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