Home Services Under Amazon Marketplace Beneficial To Homeowners

Homeowners who have moved from one place to another will tell you that the experience is exciting but it is also tiring as well as stressful. This is one of the many reasons why they hire packing services in Sydney because they don’t want to stress themselves too much. This is also the goal of Amazon when they decided to launch the Amazon Home Services. The company is offering low prices for a wide range of moving supplies such as moving boxes, foam wraps, markers, bubble wrap and packing tape.

Amazon Home Services, on the other hand, provides safe as well as professional methods to help make moving an easier and smoother process. Amazon makes sure that the home professional you hire can be trusted by being conducting the vetting process. Homeowners no longer have to spend time checking if the company they are hiring is legitimate or not. There are various aspects checked such as the service quality, making sure the trade licenses and the insurance are maintained, checking their criminal background and reviewing their reputation in the business.

The client’s location will determine the price estimates but one can be assured that these are upfront fees. According to a survey conducted by Amazon, nine in every ten customers are testifying that their final price paid is the same as the price estimate posted. Before the moving day, service details can be checked by the customer and final pricing can be confirmed through the platform.

Amazon provides what they call a Happiness Guarantee in cases when the clients are unsatisfied. The method will include Amazon contacting the professional service company regarding the complaint. They have the option to correct whatever is wrong, provide a refund or Amazon will help the client in filing a claim against the insurance company of the professional company.

There are many services listed under the Amazon Home Services including packing and moving, cleaning the house, assembling the furniture and equipment in the new house and setup and installation of home theater and smart home. If you are in Australia where the service is not yet available, hiring local packing services in Sydney is recommended as long as you check their credentials.

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