How Danang Is Stealing Bali And Phuket’s Spotlight

Danang is a port city in Vietnam which came to be known because of a war that ended over four decades already. Now, the city is intent to become one of the most popular tourist spots in the Southeast Asia region. There are numerous villas in Danang to accommodate tourists who are planning to experience its beaches.

The main difference of Danang, Vietnam with other popular beaches in Southeast Asia such as the ones found in Bali, Indonesia and Phuket, Thailand is that it is not an island. This is the third of the largest city in the county of Vietnam which continues to attract tourists from China as well as South Korea because of its luxury hotel and the strategic location. The main reason why it is a top destination for the citizens of these two countries is that establishments are closely built. Upon arriving at the airport, the beaches and the city is just close to each other.

There are already a few hotels from the West dominating the hospitality market of Vietnam. As tourism continues to prosper, it is expected that more will pop up sooner. The city also holds another key factor which is the lack of pressing issues such as natural disasters and previous safety issues with tourists.

Many tourists all over Asia still remember the accident that occurred in the middle of last year where one tourist boat capsized because of a storm. This unfortunate incident led to the death of 47 Chinese nationals. A mountain in Bali which has recently become active has also been a cause of worry for many travellers.

According to a travel agent from Danang, the growth of the city is something they did not expect considering that it is leading other places such as Bali and Phuket. This can be blamed mainly to the excellent track record of Danang and the lower possibility of encountering natural disasters. One proof that the city is doing well is the increasing number of available hotel rooms. There are other accommodation options such as villas in Danang which have become a top choice for foreign guests.

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