How Pac-Man Shaped The Video Games Of This Modern Day

It was in the 1980 when Pac-Man was introduced to the market of video games. It was originally launched in Japan followed by the United States. This game is said to have influenced the video games we now play today. Thanks to Pac-Man, consumers can now buy games for cheap and enjoy them in the comfort of their home and not in a public place such as bars and arcades. There are many ways by which Pac-Man helped created the modern video games we now have but the list below contains the most significant.

Gamers are now able to have a game with playable characters because of Pac-Man. The company decided to create their own mascot and since then it has been associated with the game. In its own right, the yellow ball equipped with a mouth ultimately became a part of the video game legacy. With Pac-Man, developers today recognized that characters are very important when developing a game and ever since a character has always been present in every game. This makes it possible for players to not just play but envision themselves in place of their characters.

Power ups are not a thing of the modern day alone but Pac-Man has it too. In fact, Pac-Man started what will now become a staple for many video games – the ability to collect power ups. There are many ways by which power ups are introduced in video games but one thing is clear, this is one way to spice up a video game adding to the challenge.

The video gaming industry is not complete without cut scenes. These are the fundamentals of many games because it adds more to the game. It creates context and the characters are given deeper backgrounds. This also makes it possible to introduce more challenging missions during the game. Cut scenes employ voice actors along with visuals to tell a story. This is why people are tempted to buy games for cheap because they are intrigued and wanted to know the stories which are sometimes better than the game itself.

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