How Rugby Is Sponsored In Fiji

Rugby can be considered as the favourite sport in Fiji considering the number of people who are actively involved in the game on a regular basis. However, in spite of the popularity of rugby, the sport is struggling to attract financial sponsorship to address some areas of its management. Income from matches is not enough because only the highest profile matches are able to attract a big audience. Some matches only get marginal crowds.

Fiji rugby’s income is limited to what it earns at the gates during matches. Income is also generated from Rugby products but it is limited because pricing of the merchandise has a tight range within which to move. Most of the Fiji rugby licensed products are at the high end of the quality segment and any further mark up will directly affect sales volume.

The Fiji government contributes a significant amount to the sport but there are other demands for sports funding. Actually the current levels that are directed to rugby are most likely at the upper end. On the other hand, rugby in Fiji has attracted sponsors and most of them come from the leading brands all over the world. The potential for higher returns on investment for rugby and other sports is quite limited.

Rugby in Fiji can be relied on to generate an enormous amount of media attention. Media is also supportive of most of the international sponsors. However, no matter the noise and attention generated for the brands endorsing the sport, the fact remains that the total population of Fiji is less than a million people. Commercial payback from sponsorship is significantly limited. International media is supportive of the games that create the widest interest internationally. A great deal of Fiji rugby games does not get a great amount of airtime. If there is a game with better performing teams, they generate more attention.

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