How To Capture The Elusive Lighting For A Photograph

For photographers, lightning presents a challenge because they are one of the best subjects when trying out something new in photography. The light is dazzling, it is very unpredictable and the feat is fulfilling once you have accomplished it. There photographers who have captured it a number of times for over several years yet they are still in love with the idea of lightning. The hype started while photography still used transparencies and negatives until now that that were are in the digital age. Lighting can be captured in any season and it will show a different kind of light at every season.

There are different kinds of lightning which varies in color, pattern, type and intensity. The three types of lightning that photographers will come across are intra-cloud, cloud to cloud and cloud to ground. The cloud to ground is a product of a thunderstorm and it would strike something under it. The cloud to cloud only travels across the sky without hitting anything while the intra-cloud can be found inside a cloud and is not easy to spot unless you are able to witness the burst-lie flash that it emits.

It is important for photographers to determine the intensity of the lightning. If they are able to estimate the brightness, they will be able to use the proper exposure and set everything properly from ISO up to its shutter speed. The advantage nowadays is that a DSLR will offer a quick preview of the image you have taken. From there you will be able to adjust your settings before taking a new shot.

The pattern is also important in capturing the lightning because a single one captured cleanly is something worth much. The simplicity is striking and you will be able to make an artwork of a small canvas print out of the shot. Lastly, remember that the color of the lightning varies. The most widely seen is white but it can also appear in different colors such as purple, blue, green, red and yellow. Vivid white is the one most widely seen all over the world. The hue will also be dependent on various factors such as impurities in the air, chemicals and gases.

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