How To Complete A Dive Instructor Course In Thailand

In Thailand, along the various beaches of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, you’ll find many dive centres offering the dive instructor course in Thailand for interested people. The dive industry is vibrant and allows you to see many amazing tropical locations of the country.

In Thailand, you can enjoy the extraordinary weather, great visibility, and various marine environment that make the island the best spot for scuba diving and a prime location for those opting the dive instructor course in Thailand.

Once you have completed the course, it will be your ticket to explore the entire world’s marine life, meet new and interesting friends, experience various cultures and visit fabulous places while at work. So, you can make a career by teaching scuba diving to various people interested in the sport.

Once you complete the dive instructor course in Thailand and become a scuba instructor, you can live your dreams, help other people explore the natural beauty of creation and how to preserve it. You can help improve the self-esteem of other divers and teach them the value of integrity and character. You make other human beings enjoy life, live better and make them stronger, more courageous and accomplish their goals.

What’s Included in the Development Course?

The dive instructor course in Thailand will be completed through a specific programme with two days spent on PADI instructor exams. This will then make you a PADI open water scuba instructor. You then specialise in providing EFR and emergency oxygen. To be ready with the course, you are given free two-day preparation courses, free fun diving and a chance to enrol in free divemaster working internship programme.

How Much it Costs and Other Prerequisites?

Depending on what dive centre you enrolled for the dive instructor course in Thailand, the price can range from 20,000 baht to $40,000 baht. However, you need to ensure that they are reputable in the dive industry to ensure safety and have good instructors guiding you. You need to be at least 18 years old and have experienced diving in Thailand or other parts of the world. You also need medical clearance attesting your fitness, especially that diving is a risky sport.

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