How To Make Your Sports Bar In Marina Bay More Interesting

Any investor can think about setting up a sports bar in Marina Bay. As a matter of fact, there are so many sports bar along the area and in the business district of Singapore.  So how can you put an edge to your sports bar in such a way that customers will prefer your establishment over the other entrants? Here are cool tips to answer that.

A sports bar with a twist

Sports bar typically connote a relaxed environment wherein you can wear your most comfortable outfit and just laze around in one of the bar’s cosy lounge chairs. While most sports bar offer in-house games such as darts, pool, foosball, bumper pool, shuffle boards, etc., you can always place bean bags, tables and shelves in the game room; yes, it would be best to place these game amenities in another room so that customers who want to watch sports show can fully enjoy the game without distraction.

Hold sports competitions

To attract more customers to your sports bar in Marina Bay, hold regular competitions such as nightly darts competitions with championships every month. This will keep your customers challenged and interested and they may eve invite friends who they think can match the winner for the day. There are several ways to make an establishment more interesting, you just have to think out of the box.

Television is the key

Customers go to sports bar to make watching their game show a more intense and exciting experience and they cannot have it if your TV sets are ordinary. Invest on projectors, large TV screens, high-end sound systems and satellite or dish channels. You can also have various TV sets lined on the wall with different sports channel so your customers can enjoy watching different games in one setting.

Engage your customers

To make your sports bar in Marina Bay a part of your customers and for them to have a certain feeling of ownership, ask them to donate some memorabilia that you can display in your establishment. You can encourage them to donate paintings, posters, old pictures of sports icons and many more.

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