If ACA Is Repealed, Some Americans May Lose Health Insurance Coverage

Once the Affordable Care Act is repealed, some consumers in Missouri will have to prepare for a life without health insurance coverage. Lucinda Cobb of Warton Woods is very angry with the move in Congress to pull apart the health care reform law of President Obama.

Lucinda Cobb is only 61 years old but because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), she was allowed to retire early from Washington University to become a full-pledged caregiver to her 30-year old daughter, Laura. 8 years ago, Laura was involved in a serious car accident that resulted into a traumatic brain injury that damaged parts of the brain responsible for reading, writing and communication.

Linda Cobb found a solution to her woes through the ACA. Without the provisions of the ACA, Linda will need to wait until she is 65 years old to qualify for Medicare, the government health insurance for seniors. Even if Linda will qualify for health insurance once she reaches 65, her daughter Laura will be left without coverage. Laura was covered by Linda’s employer-provided plan.

Laura requires a lot of medical care because she continues to experience difficulties in communicating. The health insurance plan that Linda purchased for her through HealthCare.gov allowed access to physicians at the Washington University and BJC Health Care.

Linda is worried that if ACA is repealed, her daughter will lose access to coverage and by extension her doctors. Laura is not eligible to Medicare or Medicaid for the disabled because she did not work long enough to qualify for Medicare coverage for disabled members. The household income is rather high to qualify for Medicaid.

The Cobbs are among the 20 million Americans who enjoy access to health insurance because of ACA. If ACA is repealed the significant gains made by the Obama administration will be lost.

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