Importance Of Pest Management Program For Food And Beverage Manufacturers

Pest control is a fundamental part of the operations of a food processing company. The reputation of the business can be compromised if pests are not controlled in the plant’s sensitive environment. Pest management is not a one-time solution which means that the services of commercial pest control in Sydney is required to undertake regular inspections on areas where pests are more likely to appear. Vulnerabilities of the pest management program will be addressed before a real problem occurs.

The public assumes that the industry of pest control and management is all about application of chemicals. According to Judy Black, VP for technical services for Rentokil Steritech, with or without FSMA, pest prevention is now the priority. From pest control, progression has gone to pest management and finally to preventive or proactive approach.

Large supermarkets sell pesticides and while their customers are not pressuring the pest control specialists to reduce the usage of pesticides, they are doing it voluntarily. There are times when the use of pesticides cannot be avoided but it is only intended as a short term solution. Consumers consider natural and organic as desirable traits of food and beverages that they purchase.

For example, when an infestation occurs, the use of insecticides and rodenticides becomes very crucial as a remedial action. The current Good Manufacturing Practices of most food manufacturers make it clear that infestation results from a failure of pest control program. However, chemicals must always be the last option and not the first solution to be used.

Food companies must always integrate a pest management program but chemical treatments are extreme measures that can only be used when all others have failed. No pests must be allowed inside the plant that is why there must be an effective sanitation program and good housekeeping practices so that there will be no need for pesticides

A comprehensive pest management system is provided by commercial pest control in Sydney to maintain a pest-free facility. Thorough visual pest inspections are undertaken by trained technicians so ensure that any pest activity inside the plant will be eliminated immediately. Reports of findings and recommendations will be provided for quality assurance purposes.

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