Introducing The Self-Driven Car Rental To Kolkata

Zoomcar is a startup is the self-driven car rental market. It hopes to be profitable in the coming months because company utilization is already 70% with an average realization per car from Rs 3,000 to 5,000 daily. Zoomcar has received positive response from the eastern city zone of Kolkata where the company has a 2000-car fleet. The self-driven car rental industry has a 3500-car fleet and Zoomcar has gained a market share of 70%.

Zoomcar is rather aggressive with its expansion plans. It hopes to expand the fleet to ten thousand cars in a year’s time. The company was able to raise $24 million from Ford Smart Mobility which it hopes to roll out in the marketplace a model branded as ZAP. The ZAP model will help in increasing the size of the fleet more sharply. The new ZAP model will be unveiled in Kolkata within the next few months.

Ford is the largest supplier of vehicles for Zoomcar. The two companies have been working together in their mobility experiments. Zoomcar got in touch with Ford because the company is their OEM partner since 2013. Last year, Zoomcar was able to raise funding from Sequoia and Nokia last year.

According to Greg Moran the CEO of Zoomcar, it began the self-driven car rental service with a 50-car fleet but in a year’s time, it increased to a thousand cars. Soon to be launched is the luxury self driven car as well as interstate service. The market for luxury cars is relatively small but the company hopes that it will be a profitable investment. More of the self-driven rental cars will be launched soon in the eastern region cities of Siliguri, Guwahati, Bhuwaneswar, Patna and more. Zoomcar hopes that the company will be profitable in all the cities where its service will be introduced.

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