Invisible Braces As The Perfect Option For Misaligned Teeth

Over the past years, braces have been used to correct and straighten teeth misalignments. However, the traditional braces have evolved and improved. Today invisible braces are suggested to reduce the visits to the dentists and painful adjustments. The invisible brace which is more widely known as invisalign is nearly transparent and cannot easily be noticed by others. Confidence is effectively built because the individual can smile beautifully without any self-consciousness.

According to Andy Tang, Commercial Director for Align Technology B.V. Taiwan Branch, it took them 10 years and more than US$1billion in research and development to ensure that the product is perfect. The invisible braces which are now available in Taiwan are a more pleasant choice of treatment because it not only comfortable but safe. In fact, the company that introduced the latest advancement in orthodontics has successfully treated 4.7 million patients in the United States and all over the world.

Based on estimates, at least 60% of people from Taiwan suffer from misalignments, malocclusions and narrow airway problems; however, only 6% have sought dental treatment. According to Andy Tang, it is more difficult to treat patients from Asia because their mouths are smaller. Although the number of teeth is the same as the Westerners, Asian teeth have more overcrowding of the arches; hence the prevalence of malocclusions.

The system of invisible brace consists of easy to install and remove medical-grade plastic aligners that are more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional metal braces. When the aligner is worn for at least 20 hours daily, the desired result can be produced gradually. Invisible aligners are very popular among flight attendants, public relation practitioner and other professionals who have to smile without revealing unsightly metal brackets. The level of use of invisible aligners is steadily increasing in Taiwan and highly popular in Hong Kong and China.

The best option for adults to treat their misaligned teeth is invisible braces that are safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Since the invisible aligners can be removed while eating, you can still enjoy the foods that you desire. Afterwards, you can brush and floss the teeth easily because the aligners can be removed conveniently.

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