Is Simple But Elegant Engagement Ring The Current Trend?

Pinterest is the lifeline for bride-to-be’s who want to gain some inspiration for their wedding dress, reception theme and mega beauty tips to achieve a glowing skin during the wedding day. Women can spend hours at Pinterest looking at the pictures that brides pin on their pages. Pinterest also provides many possibilities when it comes to engagement rings.

The most popular engagement ring in Pinterest right now is a stunner. It is a sparkling rose gold solitaire that has been pinned for more than 103,900 times. According to the Daily Mail, it seems that simplicity is winning this year. The rose gold solitaire engagement ring with an ArtDeco wedding band is not mass produced for every bride who wants to wear something simple on her finger.

According to the Daily Mail, the extremely popular engagement ring belongs to Sylvia Billone and was actually customized for her engagement. According to Ms. Billone, the rose gold band has a 1.22 carat diamond solitaire but the price was not revealed. However, it is very obvious that the diamond ring is very expensive.

Last year, the most popular engagement ring that stole the hearts of many women was the intricate white gold Verragio ring that had diamond twisted split shank paired with lace embellishments that embodied opulence and grace. The Verragio ring was reportedly priced at $4,300.

The photograph of the rose gold solitaire engagement ring is all over Pinterest boards but since it is customized, you cannot find the ring elsewhere. You can look for inspiration from other sites and do not be pressured to copy the rose gold solitaire unless your heart tells you that there is no other ring you will love except the exact replica of the most popular ring on Pinterest.

There is an impressive array of engagement rings in Melbourne that can fulfil your dreams. However, if you cannot find a ring that meets your requirements, an engagement ring can be customized according to you accurate descriptions. The ring can be crafted to express your love and sentiment in the most unique way. You can be sure that your bride-to-be will be pleased in every way possible.

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